Student Opportunities

Sports at North

We place great value on the importance of sport at North. We have a dedicated Sports Leader, Mr Blackman. Children have a huge variety of extra curricular sporting clubs which are currently free, as well as a huge variety of activities that take place at lunchtimes. Everybody runs the daily mile. We enter a large range of competitions and sporting events.

Table Tennis
Tag - Rugby
Gaelic Football
Circuit Training

Music at North

This year North were awarded the Music Mark, due to our commitment to music. In year 5 all children have singing lessons with Mr Evans, who also offers piano tuition at the school. In year 3 children learn Djembe drumming with Mr Compo. We work in collaboration with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment in year 4 and EYFS. 

Our choir perform regularly. Every child attends song practice weekly. Year 2 children currently have the option to attend a weekly recorder club.


Piano Lessons

Djembe Drumming

The Orchestra of the age of Enlightenment


Song Practice

Gamelan Project

Taiko Drumming Workshop

Trips and Visitors

At North we believe it is important to introduce children to experiences that they otherwise are unlikely to have, i.e. our project with the Orchestra of the Enlightenment, trips to key London Museums/Galleries. We believe in the value of real life learning experiences in developing children’s understanding.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Special Events

Across our school year, we have an annual cycle of exciting events, that also enhance our curriculum, for example our Careers Day, World Book Day and our exciting Science week. Click below to find out more.

World Book DAy

Each year we celebrate World Book Day

Science week

This year's theme is Journeys

Careers day

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Charity fundraising

We raise a lot of money for charity...

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