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Assessment Results

We monitor the children's progress during lessons, using quizzes, questions and through looking at their work. Once a term, the children take part in more formal assessments. You will recieve a termly report of their results in these assessments. 

In EYFS children work towards a Good Level of Development. In year one, children take part in a national phonics check. In year 2 children take part in Key Stage 1 SATs. In year 4 the children take part in an online Times Table check. In Year 6 children sit KS2 Sats.

National Attainment 2023



77.2% Good Level of Development



DfE assessment data (% working at) Y1 78%    Y2 95%

KS1 Assessment


Times Table Check 

Mean national 19.8 

Mean North 

KS2 Statutory Assessments

  • Key stage 2 progress in reading tbc

  • Key stage 2 progress in writing tbc

  • Key stage 2 progress in mathematics tbc

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