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4. How do we enable children to make decisions about their education?

At North, we believe in the importance of empowering all children to make decisions about their own learning. They are expected to evaluate their learning and discuss their needs with adults that they work with. This can be through:

  • Self regulating

  • Peer marking

  • Learning pit

  • Teacher and pupil feedback

  • Questioning

  • Self reflection

  • Identifying next steps

  • Using strategies autonomously

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Children with special needs will have a plan that outlines the personal support they need to achieve personalised outcomes to help them become prepared for adulthood.  The pupils, parents/carer and teachers work together to decide these outcomes three times a year.  This is recorded each term on our school provision map and shared with parents/carers and children.


It is important that parents/carers, child and teacher are all present at the meetings as this is the best way to work together in supporting a child.  If a parent needs help to get to the meeting, or someone to help you (eg. Translator), then we can arrange this, if given notice.


Children with an EHCPlan will also be invited to an Annual Review meeting, in addition to the termly review meetings outlined above. Parents/Carer, child, teacher, support teachers and other people involved with the child will working together in order to review the progress made against the outcomes in the EHCPlan. We will include the views of the child, parent/carers and all adults involved with the child. This may include any information that one wishes to share include wellbeing, support strategies, successes, worries, aims for the future.

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