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3. How are my child's needs identified?


New to North Primary School

When your child starts at North we begin finding out more about them this is so that we can plan for their needs, ensure that they settle in to our school happily and make good progress in their learning.

We might...

Have Parent Information Meetings

Contact previous schools or educational settings & transfer reports

Meet with outside agencies involved with the family or child

Class visits

Transition afternoons

Before children start in EYFS we would usually do a home visit, during coronavirus, you and your child will visit North.

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Currently attending North Primary School

After school reopened in September 2020, we are assessing all pupils for gaps in their learning and will be delivering interventions to close the gaps. 

We are observing pupils SEMH through the delivery of the Recovery Curriculum, which all teaching staff have had extensive training in.

On a day to day basis all adults at North Primary listen carefully to what pupils share with us through:

  • informal chats about their learning

  • circle  time

  • PSHE

  • self assessment and shared language about learning

Parents and Carers can share information by:

  • Informal chats with teachers

  • Consultation meetings

  • Parent Workshops - these will be delivered virtually during coronavirus

  • Virtual intervention drop ins

  • Contacting the SENCO or SLT via email or phone

  • Coffee mornings

Marking and Testing of curriculum work provides insight in to all pupil progress and achievement. Information collected for each pupil is carefully looked at by class teachers, year group experts, SLT and is used to plan for next steps for the children, in Raising Attainment meetings.

How the class teacher communicates concerns with parents and the SENDCO

In some occasions your child may require expert assessment by an outside agency, this will be organised by the SENDCO. Outside agencies can include: 

Educational Psychologist

Education Welfare Officer

A specialist teacher


Occupational therapist

School Nurse

Speech and Language Therapist


Travellers Education Service

Children's Services

Youth Support Worker

Family Support Worker

Social Worker

Sensory Impairment Services

Children and Adult Mental Health Service

Play Therapist

Behaviour Support Team

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