Assessment Results

We monitor the children's progress during lessons, using quizzes, questions and through looking at their work.

Once a term, the children take part in more formal assessments. You will recieve a termly report of their results in these assessments. 

In year one, children take part in a national phonics check.

In year 2 they take part in Key Stage 1 SATs.

In year 4 they take part in a TimesTable check.

In Year 6 they take KS2 Sats.

These four checks are reported to the government and results for North can be found in the performance tables linked to below. 

Due to Coronovirus, there have not been National tests since 2019.

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The North Primary 2019-275.jpg
The North Primary 2019-178.jpg
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Click the link above to see how the standards of attainment at North Primary compare to other UK schools.

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Teaching and Learning

Click to see our last Ofsted report and our last report from Challenge Partners (an education charity, led by practitioners, through which schools collaborate to improve each other and the education system as a whole, so all children benefit)

Challenge Partners
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Coronavirus Catch up Premium

At North we employed tutors to deliver PIXL interventions in order to help children to catch up, during Summer 2021. This table demonstrates the positive impact of the tutoring.