School Information

School Information

Welcome to North Primary

 Imagine, Believe, Achieve

We inspire our pupils through our creative and exciting curriculum. 

From their first days in reception until their transition to high school, we instill self belief and self motivation to our pupils. They are encouraged to think carefully about their learning and improve their work with the support of both their teachers and their peers. 

We teach children to take pride in their school by wearing a smart uniform and presenting their work with neat handwriting. This is the font that we use:

From Reception to Year 2 we explicitly teach the children phonics, using a programme called Letters and Sounds. We utilise the pictures and actions from Jolly Phonics to make phonics fun:

Throughout their learning journey at North, our pupils are taught a love of reading by teaching really quality texts using an approach called the Power of Reading. This enables them to write using the high quality language structures and vocabulary that they have been introduced to.

Please click below for an electronic copy of our prospectus.


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